Kate Julin Practice Manager
Nikki Williams Client Relationship Manager

Brett Abikhair

Director & Finance Strategist

Brett is passionate about bringing the very best to the table. It’s the reason he’s personally completed the highest level of accreditation and education the finance industry offers over the last 30 years. It’s also why this team exists. When he’s not celebrating milestones with his clients, he’s conquering a mountain or maintaining the orchard on his macadamia farm.

Kate Julin

Sr Business Manager

Kate is the operations guru and friendly face working with our great clients and providers day in and day out. She makes the smooth sailing happen as the go-to for support. Kate loves getting into the nitty gritty detail of the paperwork and weeding out winning solutions. Loan approvals cause Kate to happy dance, so do tequila margaritas, and there’s no one she’d rather share a makeshift dancefloor with than her gorgeous daughter. Caring, conscientious and loyal, Kate’s qualities shine through in everything she takes to task. And she’d be most happy to help you achieve a goal you’ve been working towards for a long time.

Nikki Williams

Customer Relationship Manager

Nikki is the out-of-the-box – and at times over – thinker that everyone wants on their team. Organised and reliable, she loves to find solutions where it looks like there aren’t any. As our client relationship manager, Nikki appreciates that each and every single one of us is different. And she loves that! Variety across goals and challenges fuels the success Nikki shares with our clients. When she’s not joyfully building loans and new beginnings for you guys, she may well be putting the Lego to task with her five-year-old. Or perhaps catching up with friends for a coffee or a wine.