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About Us

Who is Selector Finance

Selector Finance is a team of passionate finance professionals who put you before the product and help you navigate your life goals.

Like you, Brett and his team believe finance is personal. It’s the power moves that put you ahead and closer to your goals and dreams. For us, it’s always been the individual journeys we witness that are the most rewarding.

Selector Finance simplifies finance through genuine professional support. Our clients gain peace of mind through access to insight they can count on. We are here for you.

Our own journey…

In 2008 Brett founded Selector Group. He saw that many individuals and families were seeking financial advice on a wide range of money matters in a way they could understand. Brett understood a holistic approach to finance not only made sense but was simpler for clients. In 2021, Brett has further refined his mission. To help people navigate their own unique journey, on their terms, and really put them in the driver’s seat of their money and success.

It’s the goalsetting, the priorities, the big picture and power moves. Brett and his team help you understand and navigate the world of finance with a process that brings peace of mind and complete understanding of your unique situation.

Our winning approach

The success of our team’s client-centric approach has been repeatedly recognised, awarding numerous accolades. While it’s wonderful to gain credit from our industry, our talented team remains focused on the personal journeys. The real celebration comes from happy clients experiencing the peace of mind and progress that our expert knowledge delivers.